Home School Extension


This just in! We are offering a home school option for our classes that are one or two years away from starting kindergarten. (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue)

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? It means that our teachers will prepare all that you need for home school instruction and activities that are tailored for your child and is coordinated with our school curriculum. Your student can/will get personalized instruction that will further prepare them for kindergarten that can be done on YOUR schedule.
What does it cost? It is an additional $80 per month, for a total of $320 per month.
I’m not a teacher! DON’T WORRY!! It comes with specific and easy instructions from our teachers for you and your child to be successful at home. We will also do a bit of a “training course” before fall so that you are fully equipped and excited to be part of your learner’s progress!
What do I do??? Sign up for the “Home School Extension” when enrolling and receive all kinds of goodness to teach and do with your little one.
Do I have to? Nope!! Your children are welcome in our classes in the exact same way  as usual. They do not have to do anything additional, it is entirely momma’s choice.
HUH? I have a lot of questions about this… Email  We’re excited about this possibility and will happily help.