2023/24 School Year & Summer Enrollment

We are so excited to serve you and your family!

We have lots of information available below, and our director (Jean) is happy to help! 

***Summer classes are full (sad, I know!). Please click here to join the  waitlist.

**2023/24 School year classes are nearly full… only a few spots available in our PreK class. Please email about enrolling for PreK, she’ll send you the link (it’s not currently posted online). 

  1. Patience- 16-20 months- FULL- 0 spots available
  2. FULL. Love Class – 20-24 months- FULL. 0 spots available
  3. FULL. Goodness Class- 24-30 months- FULL. 0 spots available
  4. FULL. Joy Class- 24-30 months – FULL. 0 spots available
  5. FULL. Worship class – 30-36 months- FULL. 0 spots available
  6. FULL. Kindness Class- 3 -3.5 years old – FULL. 0 spots available
  7. FULL. Peace Class- 3.5 years old months FULL (starting kinder in 2025)- 0 spots available
  8. PreK Gentleness- 4 years (kinder in 2024)- 1 spot available
  9. PreK Faithfulness- 4 years (kinder 2024)- 1 spot available

Waitlist: If (tragically) the class you need is full, please click here to join the  waitlist. 

2023/24 School year details:

  • -Class begins September 5th
  • -Meet the teacher is August 31st
  • -Tuition is $285/month, $125 enrollment fee per child
  • -Our youngest children must be 16 months by September 1st. We don’t have classes for younger than 16 months.

Summer class and details

  • -Summer classes are June 6th- August 10th
  • -There is no “Meet the teacher” for summer classes
  • -We will be closed VBS:  June 19-22-  Kinder 2023 children + older siblings are invited!! Good times!!
  • -We will be closed July 4th and July 6th
  • -Tuition is $285/month (even shortened months)
  • $125 enrollment fee per child
  • -Our youngest children must be 16 months by June 1st.

We know day to day details are important, so if you’re interested, feel free check out our Tour Book and that will answer most questions!

A tour is not required, but if you’d like to see us, email or click here to sign up for a time! Tours are on Tuesday or Thursday at 10:30 and 11:00 and is usually about 15-20 minutes.  Your littles are welcome to join!