Enrollment and "paperwork" online!

2024-25 School year enrollment details!! 

We are so excited about serving you and your family! This is where you can enroll for classes when you’re ready! To help enrollment go as smoothly as possible, please read through the [GOBS of] information below. Thanks!

*** 2023/24 classes have some availability starting in January.. Email our director for info about what is open for spring semester.

During enrollment season (January, February, March), the spots move fast, so if you want to tour, we’d recommend having a tour done by early February. Click here to schedule a tour!

Enrollment Dates:

  •  January 30th- Current students re-enroll
  • February 6th- New  families enroll!! The link will be posted here at 10:00 am on that morning.

2023/24 School year details:

  • School year begins September 3rd
  • Meet the teacher is August 29th
  • Tuition is $285/month
  • Our youngest class must be 16 months by September 1st. We don’t have classes for younger than 16 months.

Summer class and details

  • *Summer classes are June 4th- August 8th
  • *There is no “Meet the teacher” for summer classes
  • *We will be closed one week in June for VBS- Kinder 2023 friends can attend! June 25, 27 – closed
  • *We will be closed Thursday, July 4th
  • *Tuition is $285/month (even shortened months)
  • *Our youngest children must be 16 months by June 1st. We don’t have classes for younger than 16 months.

Enrollment Instructions : The link will be here at 10:00 am on February 7th. (These instructions are for February 6th)

  • You’ll begin by filling out the “Registration Form”
  • Next you’ll receive an automated email about your “Parent Portal”.  Click the “Parent Invite Link” within that email.  *****Note: that email is dependent upon our director creating your family within the system. If there is a delay, it’s because a human is doing it 🙂 But she’s on it!! (please email if it’s not done within the hour)
  • You’re in! Find “Pre-Register” and select the classes you desire! The registration fee is $125 for any/all classes selected. (not $125 per class)
  • ** DON’T follow the instructions the system says about waitlist.. it’s terrible. Email if the class is full.


  • Enrolling in a class that is too old or too young (but available) will cause your child to be unenrolled from classes.
  • Click here for the waitlist
  • Enrollment fee must be paid or the child is not added to the class.

We know day to day details are important, so if you’re interested, feel free check out our Tour Book and that will answer most questions! 

A tour is not required, but if you’d like to see us, email or click here to sign up for a time! Tours are on Tuesday or Thursday at 10:30 and 11:00 and is usually about 15-20 minutes.  Your littles are welcome to join!