Enrollment and "paperwork" online!

2022-23 School year enrollment details!! 

We are so excited about the prospect of serving you and your family! You’ve reached the part of our site where you can enroll for classes if you’re ready! To help enrollment go as smoothly as possible, please read through the [GOBS of] information below. Thanks!

First… Big news – New Location!  We’re excited to announce that all church worship,  activities and Mom’s Day Out classes will be in our new home at 2501 W. Southlake Blvd. (not sure when yet)

2022/23 School year:  Enrollment open! 

  • *We will be in our new building at some point, (2501 W. Southlake Blvd)- be sure to map that!
  • *We’ll start our classes at 1101 N. Carroll Ave, then move to the new building mid-semester/year. We’re staying flexible and in communication.
  • There are several classes full, but a new class is starting (Green class). Email Jean at about if that class is going to “make”.
  • *School year begins September 6th
  • *Meet the teacher is September 1st
  • *Tuition is $250/month
  • Our youngest class must be 16 months by September 1st. We don’t have classes for younger than 16 months.

Enrollment Capacities – August 2022 (in age order youngest – oldest)

  • Emerald- FULL, 4 on the waitlist
  • Violet-FULL, 1 on the waitlist
  • Little Blue- OPEN, 2 spots available, 0 on the waitlist
  • Purple- OPEN, 1 spot available, 0 on the waitlist
  • Yellow- OPEN, 1 spot available, 0 on the waitlist
  • Orange- OPEN, 2 spots available, 0 on the waitlist
  • PreK Blue- OPEN, 2 spot available, 0 on the waitlist

Enrollment Notes (#Rules) 

  • *Only select ONE child at a time. Fees duplicate if two are selected.
  • * Enrolling in a class that is too old or too young (but available) will cause your child to be unenrolled from classes. Please join the waitlist for the correct age.
  • *Enrollment fee must be paid or the child is not added to the class.
  • *Joining the waitlist is FREE, but payment method must be entered. (We’ll contact you BEFORE we put your child in and charge you… promise!)

Click here to enroll!! (did you read the info above?:) 



We know day to day details are important, so if you’re interested, feel free check out our Tour Book and that will answer most questions! 
A tour is not required, but if you’d like to see us, email and we’ll get you scheduled! Tours are on Tuesday or Thursday at 10:30 and 11:15 and is usually about 15-20 minutes.  Your littles are welcome to join!