At SBC Mom’s Day Out + PreK, we have curriculum to provide an engaging integration between Bible stories, alphabet, counting, colors, shapes, character education and peer interactions.

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-2:30.
Ages: 16 months through five years (before kinder)
Tuition: All classes are $240 monthly.
2019-2020 School year: September 3th- May 15th (breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring break)

**Our current classes for spring of 2019 are full**

2019-2020 class ages and openings are below:

Baby Blue- 16-22 months (7 spots available)
Purple Class- 22-30 month olds (9 spots available)
Blue Class– 24- 30 months (1 spot available)
Violet Class–30-36 months (1 spot available)
Yellow Class– Threes (4 spots available)
Orange Class– Fours (4 spots available)
Green Class – Nearly Five year olds (3 spots available)

Academic Goals

Reading: teachers read books to students frequently, demonstrating structure of reading, (top to bottom, left to right), and building recognition of characters in books. Children have access to variety of books
Writing: tries different ways of holding a pencil, crayon, marker, makes scribbles and swirls, coloring and letters.
Math Skills: hearing teachers count, seeing numbers in the classroom, repeat numbers, identifying colors and shapes, begin counting.